Big House Update: Mixmash Records, John Dahlbäck, Chris Lake + FREE Funkagenda remix

Here's a mega update of what is coming up on the house front everyone! Several big names are about to release new EPs, we are heading fast to the end of March, when all the WMC festivities gonna happen, so fasten your seatbelts and let's go!

Let's start with BPB Favorite Mixmash Records and a really huge collab, that will tear apart the dancefloors: through the winning combination of Laidback Luke, Arno Cost and Norman Doray, each of them is able to bring their own signature sound to Trilogy. This track will make you feel a mixture of bounciness, hardcore vibrancy and progressive house chords like never heard before!
Laidback Luke, Arno Cost & Norman Doray - Trilogy (Original Mix) by MixmashRecords

Also, Mixmash is about to start a new EP series, called "The Ones to Look Out For". Let's see what we've got here. The first volume is full of a big-room anthemic feeling from "Supersocks" brought by the British duo Ross & Longo, which is accompanied by the smashing tech-house twist from "Ping Pong" (Delivio Reavon & Aaron Gill) and the meringue/techno spice of "Califaction" (DJ DLG & Alternative Reality) that finally explodes in the criminal electro breakdown of "Festival Drums" (Dero). Each track is so similar and at the same time so different to each other, but one remains common for them all - the "wow" effect that takes over you right away!
The Ones To Look Out For EP Vol.1 // Dero - Festival Drums (Original Mix) by MixmashRecords
The Ones To Look Out For EP Vol.1 // DJ DLG & Alternative Reality - Califaction (Original Mix) by MixmashRecords

In February, we'll also see a really nice mixalbum by Sweden's John Dahlbäck, including 3 exclusive new tracks from the man himself.  The first being ‘Feel It’, a stomping tech groover with an unforgettable driving top-line. The other 2; ‘Heroes’ and ‘Escape’ showcase Dahlbäck at his harmonious best, blending powerful melodies with slickly produced beats for 2 sure fire anthems.
John Dahlback - Heroes - Out 6.2.12 by toolroomrecords
John Dahlback - Escape - Out 6.2.12 by toolroomrecords
John Dahlback - Feel It - Out 6.2.12 by toolroomrecords

Still not finished. 12th February marks the release date of the newest Chris Lake single called "Build Up", on Ultra Records. With already getting hammered by Pete Tong, I'm sure this is gonna be a chartbreaker aswell, plus the release includes a big-massive re-edit from recent wonder from down under Tommy Trash!
Chris Lake - Build Up by chrislake
Chris Lake - Build Up (Tommy Trash Edit) by chrislake

BONUS: It wouldn't be me, if I leave you without some great free tunage, so here's a gift from MTA Records, following up last week's monstrous Delta Heavy remix - it's Funkagenda this time on Nero's "Must Be The Feeling". Cheers!
Nero - Must Be The Feeling [Funkagenda Remix] by Funkagenda

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