The BPB Selection #5

It's Monday again...so, with the weekly BPB Selection, I'll try to choose 5 tracks each week which - in my opinion - absolutely can't miss ones. There are no rules for genre, either it's a party banger or a listening pleasure, either it's brand new or a bit older (though I'll try to focus mainly on the newbies). Let's see what I've got for this week.

#5 Two Door Cinema Club vs. Lana del Rey - You Know Video Games (Mighty Mike mashup)
I think this track describes the whole point of this selection. Great listening piece, perfect harmony between Lana's new hit and one of my favorite Two Door Cinema Club songs - also it is a free download! Big ups to Mighty Mike! 

#4 Sami Saari - Soul Marvel
Finnish Sami Saari is not a new name to trance fans, but his newest EP on Neptuun City is an absolute disco banger. I couldn't miss it in the BPB February mix aswell, nice grooves, professional production - truly in the league of other turbofunkers like Birdee and Reset!
Sami Saari - Soul Marvel (Original Mix) [Neptuun City] OUT NOW by Sami Saari

#3 Justice - On N On (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s remix)
Featured earlier on the BPB Facebook wall, Justin Robertson created one hell of a monster track out of Justice's newest single. It's really a hard pick between this, the Brodinski, and the Rick Rubin remix, I think Ed Banger scored big time on the remix duties. Free download for ya, aswell!

JUSTICE "On'n'On" Justin Robertson's The Deadstock 33s vox remix by edbangerrecords

#2 Feed Me feat. Lindsay - Embers
Feed Me released his newest EP last week on Mau5trap, including big collabs with Gemini or Hadouken, but for me, this vocal track with Lindsay was the real deal. Check yourself, it's not a coincidence that it was one of Pete Tong's Essential Contenders too. Quality electro!

Feed Me - Embers feat. Lindsay by youfeedme

#1 MAM - Crushed Ice
This was an instant #1 for me, even the first time I heard it back in January. Only 110 BPMs, but what a monster track, gorgeous guitar sound. Absolute top pick for nu-disco fans - and it's out on FINA Records since last week!

FINA 006 - MAM Crushed Ice by FINA RECORDS

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