Listening pleasure: Amber Smith, Crystal Castles

Well, some of the BPB readers might wanna send me to hell, but yes, this post is going to be a bit different than the others. It's not all about the house, electro and dubstep music, there are many other genres, and as you can see there's the word "indie" in the second row of the BPB logo. Enough with the explanation though, I'm starting a new segment called "listening pleasure", where I'll occasionally recommend you some really nice non-electronic music (well, you can argue with that, but never mind). Please forgive me, that I'm not an expert of every genre, and just concentrate on music!

So I'm proud to introduce one of my favorite Hungarian indie-rock bands, Amber Smith. The guys had a few changes since their last album back in 2008, and the current members played in other bands aswell. But they overcome difficulties to close out their new, self-titled album, which is up on Bandcamp since Tuesday. My favorites from the new album are "Square 1" which was released previously on the same titled EP, and "Ise" which got its title after a Japanese city, plus features the vocals of Enikő Hódosi - the singer of Hungarian band NEO (actually it's the first time, when an Amber Smith song features female vocals). As lot of Hungarians read this blog, I have to say that if you know Amber Smith, then go and buy this album, and to everyone else: at least check them out, the new release really worth it. Here are the songs:

We're not finished yet, I've got some free tunes for you - as usual. It's been nearly 2 years since the last Crystal Castles album, so the fans are eagerly await some new stuff from the duo. And here's the point, where you're going to argue about the electronic and non-electronic music, but you can't miss out on the new HEALTH remix, made for Crystal Castles' "Suffocation". It's mellow yet still mindblowing, and of course free, so don't waste your time!
Crystal Castles - Suffocation (HEALTH Remix) by Crystal Castles

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