Kavinsky - RoadGame

Yes, our favorite French Ferrari driver is back! Slowly getting to the release of really really REALLY long awaited album, Kavinsky got a new track - well, kinda leaked - but not really since it is available in the "Drive" DVD/blu-ray French edition. So, he's back and he doesn't disappoint, great piano chords, the usual "edbangerish" sound, wonderful atmosphere. Here's a video from YouTube for the track, I really hope you gonna enjoy it!

Of course I won't leave without some special treats for you. There are already 2 amazing remixes from the track, I couldn't really chose which one to post, so here are both of them. ValyMo is not a newbie to Budapest Bonkers readers, his "acidcore" remix is just amazing, while the Air Wankers from Paris, make their debut here with a sounding masterpiece. Listen, download, share, enjoy!
Kavinsky - Roadgame (ValyMo ¹¾¼½¹ Remix) - free download by ValyMo
Kavinsky - RoadGame ( Air Wankers remix ) by Air Wankers

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