Etienne de Crécy - Am I Wrong

The next one is an upcoming release from French electro master Etienne de Crécy, called "Am I Wrong". The original version, with its discoish atmosphere and cheeky vibes gonna be a big favorite for many DJs out there. Check yourself, so we can go on with the remixes!
Etienne De Crecy - Am I Wrong (Original Version) [PREVIEW]

Talking about remixes, SCNTST's version goes in a totally different way. It's spooky and cold, with a big pack of oldschool vibe, it guarantees you the feeling of a warehouse party back in the 90s. Awesome work!
Etienne De Crecy - Am I Wrong (SCNTST Remix) [PREVIEW]

The remix package contains two great electro reworks, one from Dim Mak's Canadian favorite Felix Cartal, while the other one is coming from Shinichi Osawa.
Etienne De Crecy - Am I Wrong (Felix Cartal Remix) [PREVIEW]
Etienne De Crecy - Am I Wrong (Shinichi Osawa Remix) [PREVIEW]

And we're still not done, there is one more downtempo remix, from French band The Shoes! All in all, Etienne set up a great release, excellent choice of remixers, really looking forward to this!
Etienne De Crecy - Am I Wrong (The Shoes "Slo-Mo" Remix) [PREVIEW]

Release date: 27th February

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