The Budapest Bonkers February Promo Mixtape

Hey, it's already February for a few days now, so you can anticipate, that there's a BPB Promo Mixtape coming up soon, and if you do, then you're right. I always try to make this monthly set a bit different, than the usual radio mixtapes by covering the whole sound that Budapest Bonkers want to represent - which is of course, an impossible mission, as there are so many really nice tracks that left out. Anyway, first I give you the mixtape, mixed by my humble self, Dante GBRL (I'm revealing myself by the way, since BPB is a one-man project so far, you can say hi to me - for example on Soundcloud.

Dante GBRL - The Budapest Bonkers February Promo Mixtape by BudapestBonkers
01. kill frenzy - booty clap DIRTYBIRD
02. vato gonzalez & aldair silva - digital lies (audiofun remix) SOUTHERN FRIED
03. maxime dangles - go RELIEF
04. yolanda be cool feat. crystal waters - le bump (tom flynn remix) SWEAT IT OUT
05. star eyes - the night (hostage remix) TROUBLE & BASS
06. tocadisco - bat3ria (slap in the bass remix) TOCA45
07. hatiras & nom de strip - roman bromanski HATRAX
08. hot pink delorean - my feelings invade vms CDR
09. firebeatz - where's your head at SPINNIN
10. red hot chili peppers - californication (promise land bootleg) CDR
11. wannabeastar - ambitious girl (mightyfools remix) CDR
12. sami saari - soul marvel NEPTUUN CITY
13. birdee - you like it SOUTHERN FRIED
14. azealia banks feat. lazy jay - 212 (tommie sunshine & disco fries re-edit) CDR
15. steve aoki feat. wynter gordon - ladi dadi (autoerotique remix) DIM MAK
16. kraymer - the concept (will bailey remix) VICIOUS BITCH

LINK 1: http://www50.zippyshare.com/v/2709542/file.html
LINK 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?nrl6x03b61vujvi

Also, I would like to share some news with you, regarding Budapest Bonkers. I only hope that the number of posts will rise even more, I'm trying to post more previews and mixtapes and also trying to widen up the musical scale of the blog.Maybe that's why I've decided to start out a new segment from next week aswell.
During the recordings of the weekly radio show I found out, that as a DJ my sound keep changing from month to month, and it is really hard to show everything you want in just 60 minutes per week. So I decided to split up the styles in 2 different mixes every week. From now on the Budapest Bonkers Radio Show will mainly focus on the nu-disco, tech-house, chunky house or new techno sound, that I'm really into right now - while I'm also happy to present the new segment called Your Guide to the Weekend! - this will be a 40-minute mixtape, posted every Thursday (mostly mixed by me, but I really hope to invite some guestmixers aswell!) that will cover the electro, dubstep and moombahton needs, aswell as house music.

I'm really looking forward to the future, the blog is only 4 months old and it is doing really well so far. Hope you find it good too, if you've got any comments, ideas, or anything that is on your mind, regarding Budapest Bonkers: don't hesitate!
E-mail: bpbonkers@gmail.com

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