PARTY: StayFly 4th Birthday /w H.O.S.H.

Reaching the 4-year plateau in the life of an event organising / DJ crew is always a big happening, especially when we are talking about a promising, up-and-coming label as well. Yes, the StayFly team celebrates its 4th birthday this weekend on A38 with none else than one of the big shots of the legendary Diynamic label, H.O.S.H.!

There has been many memorable moments for StayFly, even if you are thinking about the last 12 months. Gigs with Tale of Us, Betoko and Finnebassen - just to name a few - is a quite exceptional schedule. 2013 was also the year for the kick-off of StayFly Records which strengthened the position of the crew even more.

For such a special occassion, the guys invited H.O.S.H. from Hamburg to represent some of his trademark sound and some of the true StayFly anthems. He already visited Hungary this year once, at B My Lake festival but that was only a 1-hour festival set, so be prepared for something way more special!

Of course it wouldn't be Budapest Bonkers if I let you click forward without posting a mix. Luckily the latest Ibiza Voice Podcast featured H.O.S.H.'s stunning set from the Diynamic Neon Night held at the Basement on 3rd September. So let's start the warmup and turn up the volume!


01. ID
02. La Fleur - Nightflow (Kenny Larkin drama remix)
03. Metope feat. Undo - Night Rider (Sid Le Rock remix)
04. ID
05. Fairmont - Libertine (Nitin & Clayton Steele remix)
06. ID
07. Paul Kalkbrenner - Bengang (DJ T re-edit)
08. Chromeo feat. Elly Jackson - Hot Mess (Djedjotronic remix 2)
09. Full Intention - Madness
10. ID
11. Agoria - Scala
12. ID
13. Jonas Woehl - Into You (Konstantin Sibold remix)
14. ID
15. Tube & Berger - Imprint of Pleasure
16. Kölsch - Der Alte
17. ID


Venue: A38 Boat (Budapest, Petőfi Bridge, Buda side)

H.O.S.H. (Diynamic)
Jumpski & Detective Kelly

Maxim Kuznyecov (Motor Bar - all night long)

2500 / 3000 HUF (in advance / at the entrance)

Paul C & Paolo Martini - Get This!

For their next release, Hot Creations call upon talented Italian duo Paul C & Paolo Martini, whose combined career spans over forty years in the business. True to their personal style and doing what they do best, they deliver three tracks bursting with groove and energy, aimed solidly at the dance floor.

Title track „Get This!” bounces along a prominent bassline, progressing with trippy vocals that swirl into an epic build up, erupting for maximum destruction on the dancefloor.

Over on the B-side „Bull Revenge” swings with a standout groove, while last track „Flying Lizard” rolls along effortlessly with the vocals once again providing a special element.

As part of Bini & Martini, Paolo Martini was without doubt one of the most prolific house producers at the turn of the century, touring the globe and lending their remix talents to major dance labels like Defected, Strictly Rhythm, AM:PM, EMI, Universal, Sony and many of the worlds biggest pop acts such Jamiroquai, Kylie Minogue, Terence Trent D'Arby, Murk, Armand Van Helden and many many more. Paolo is now the driving force behind his own imprint, Paul's Boutique.

Paul C has honed his production skills since the mid 90's and his energetic brand of tech­house has seen him release on a host influential labels. Since 2009 the pair have worked tirelessly in the studio and not only seen their music supported by many of the industry's biggest names, but also seen their work feature on labels including Cecille Numbers,Terminal M, Materialism, Area Remote, AMA Recordings and of course Paul's Boutique.

Release date: 21 October 2013 (vinyl) | 4 November 2013 (Beatport)


Gigamesh - Fall 2013 Mixtape

I've got one more super sexy mixtape for you on such a grey, rainy Wednesday. Yep, this a red hot mix from Minneapolis-based red hot Gigamesh, one of the newly crowned kings of disco and house.

The mix itself is an eclectic extravaganza with some bass music, house, indie dance and two brand new remixes from the man himself. Not to mention the absolutely cool cover.



Kindness - Gee Up (Gigamesh Remix)
Pomo - So Fine
Siriusmo - Congratulator
Kaytranada - At All
Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (Gigamesh Remix)
Roland Clark, Urban Soul - Have A Good Time (Monkey Safari Remix)
Claude Von Stroke - The Clapping Track
Lone - Airglow Fires
Nile Delta - Aztec (Plastic Plates Remix)
Luxury - J.A.W.S.
Clubfeet - Remind Me (Röyksopp Cover)
Chela - Romanticise (Gold Fields Remix)

Donky Pitch - Rainforests

DeMarzo: Nothing Else Matters...but the music! (Interview)

DeMarzo has been one of the hottest names in the world of house music over the last few months with new releases on labels like Hot Creations and Underground Audio, while touring around Brazil. You must be kinda curious about his approach to music and his short-term plans. Here's your insight with the man himself! (huge thanks for the interview to Simon Tillotson from SLK)

Fresh off the back of a huge Brazilian tour, DeMarzo is now preparing to help launch Danny Howard’s best-of-British brand “Nothing Else Matters” alongside Eddie Halliwell and Jacob Plant at the Ministry of Sound. 

It sounds like 2013 has been a bit of a busy one for you? Can you fill us in on the best bits?!

Yeah this year has been great. I’ve played some great gigs and been to some amazing places. My recent tour in Brazil was one to remember and every time I go back seems to get better and better. The people I meet there are always so welcoming. My Hot Creations release has really opened doors for me as well, both for me to express my music production to more people and also to DJ. Very lucky indeed.

Nothing Else Matters is a showcase for the best of British and Danny’s asked you to be a big part of the launch – that’s quite a compliment, how did you react to that?!

It’s a hell of a compliment! Honoured to play alongside the guys and I won’t disappoint.  I love the club; it’s always a great crowd and the sound system to compliment.  I’m also very thankful for the support from Danny on Radio 1.

Nothing Else Matters has got a really strong launch, what do you think it’ll need to do to keep the momentum going?

Keep the music fresh. I have a huge passion for new music both when DJing and when I go out clubbing. I think in order to keep the night strong and interesting we need to bring the best of what’s around. Also keep it diverse; Ministry of Sound London has clubbers from all around the world.

Your new release – Crazy – has just dropped on Underground Audio, what’s the reaction been like to that?

The tracks have generated a really nice reaction. I think because they work well in the club and certainly better in my sets than my previous productions.  It’s always nice when people request your tracks when you’re DJing and the crowd’s reaction when it’s played. I’m excited to know how well these tracks get around in the next few weeks.

And finally, what else have you got lined up for the rest of the year?

Lots and lots of studio time. I’m currently at the end of finishing a new EP, which I’m very excited about. It’s much more underground with flavours of techno and is more an expression of my personal taste. I have a bunch of gigs round the UK which take up most weekends right up to Christmas

Deaf DJs - October 2013 Mixtape

During the last two weeks, my favorite nudisco collective from Budapest was also quite busy. Yep, the Deaf DJs present their newest monthly promo mixtape, which is not exactly that sorrow and cold as October is.

The duo packed some really hot tunes for you, with perky basslines, nice melodies and a couple of tracks that are really standing out if we are taking the whole year into account. This mix will surely make you wanna go out even on a cold, rainy autumn nights. Just check it!


Animal Picnic - Synthetic Poem
Metodi Hristov - Grab For Ya
Taylor & Tough Love - In My Way
DeMarzo - Draw A Line
Ejeca - Agent Of The Deep
Reset Safari - Drunk Again
Kruse & Nuernberg - Off Course
Panos & Sentenza, J.Expo - French 75 (Leftwing & Kody remix)
Urulu, Steve Huerta - Let Me Off Easy
The Magician - When the night is over (Claptone remix)
Pet Shop Boys - Love is a Bourgeois Construct (Claptone remix)

FREE: Nervé - Houstonism EP

Following an absolutely hectic two and a half weeks I have finally managed to get back with Budapest Bonkers. I've gathered some totally awesome stuff during this time which I couldn't post, but the wait is over now, so I would like to make up to you with some of my favorites from the days of the hiatus.

First up, here's the long-awaited Houstonism EP of Nervé which not only brings around 3 heavily bass-stuffed originals but also a bunch of remixes from some of the most promising young Hungarian producers, namely Dave Scorp, Exetfail and Bastardfool. I bet if you are following the blog, you have stumbled upon some of their productions and sets. Oh, the EP is already supported by the Hungarian electro/bass premier league like Drop The Cheese, DJ Lennard, B:Azta and Suck My Disco DJs.

So, here's this 6-track multi-genre EP with some promising young talent and it is totally free! What are you waiting for then?


01. Houstonism
02. Feelingism
03. Houstonism (Dave Scorp remix)
04. Houstonism (Bastardfool remix)
05. Houstonism (Exetfail remix)
06. Tom & Jerry