The Boomzers - Two is Missing EP

For everybody out there afraid of The Boomzers softening up and not pushing all limiters to the very extreme, well, don´t worry, these two freakazoids are still pumped as hell and over loaded with excessive adrenaline. 

Because these three block rocking tracks on their up and coming release  Two Is Missing EP can surely pack a punch. Responsible for this deadly deed are the one and only true maniacs behind  Freakz Me Out records, home of the most wanted club criminals around the block.

The first musical discharge on the EP is  Overscream, a number which clearly displays their harmonic prowess. Stu and Brian serve a nutritious party platter with immoral monster  voices from beyond,  pulverizing beats and thrusting synth main theme. Quaterfoil gives us more of the same, this tune is made to deliver the goods in the fastest way possible, right up your raving anus. 
Last but certainly not least is the title track Two Is Missing, 4,3,1 a warranted dancefloor  top dog. This piece  again cries for attention with its detonating beats and forceful primary theme. 

So anybody thirsting for pure club power,  The Boomzers are once again there to deliver!
The Boomzers - Two Is Missing EP (Teaser) by THE BOOMZERS

Beatport link: http://www.beatport.com/release/two-is-missing/885868

Itunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/it/album/two-is-missing-single/id511255561

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