Dante GBRL's Spring Break Mixtape 2012

Hey everyone, it's time for the spring break in Hungary, so I decided to make another Spring Break Mixtape, after last year's quite popular mix (which was also one of my first promo mixes!).

60-minutes of electro, house with a bit of disco and future techno. Unfortunately, I've decided to put up the tracklist after 200 plays on Soundcloud, so this will be a kind of ID contest (the winner gets bragging rights). Though I give you some clues, the mix contains a banging track from the brand new Dim Mak New Noise volume 2 compilation, some new "WMC-flavoured" mashups, a great track from Italian label La Valigetta and, as the closing track a monstrous remix of a Digitalism track. Take a listen, enjoy, download, share!

Dante GBRL - The Spring Break Mixtape 2012 by BudapestBonkers

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