Sandro Silva & Oliver Twizt - Gladiator remixes

Soon after Sandro Silva and Oliver Twizt launched their latest collaboration called "Gladiator" on Beatport, the media went wild about this banger. Everyone predicts a massive success for this track during the summer festival season. However, Mixmash Records thought you might be interested in some really heavy remixes, so they were kind enough to post samples to see what they're up to. Let's go!

Prepare for high pitched synths and a completely new melody from one of the collaborants, Sandro Silva! His remix proves, that this guy has unlimited talent and ability to make one hit after another.
Sandro Silva & Oliver Twizt - Gladiator (Sandro Silva Remix) by MixmashRecords

The roster also includes one of BPB's favorite producers, Wax Motif with his powerful electro plug-in, that works well as a generator of raving energy! His remix of Gladiator produces an even bigger destructive effect on the dancefloor.
Sandro Silva & Oliver Twizt - Gladiator (Wax Motif Remix) by MixmashRecords

WiWek's remix is all about bouncy beats and sharp drums. If he had a "full electro mode" button, Wiwek definitely pushed it! His remix of Gladiator emphasizes on crazy zoo-like tribal sounds!
Sandro Silva & Oliver Twizt - Gladiator (WiWek Remix) by MixmashRecords

You don't have to wait too long for the remixes, the release date is set for 20th April!

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