Sub Focus - Out of the Blue remixes

29th April marks the release of the newest EPIC single from Sub Focus, called "Out of the Blue" featuring vocals from the lovely Alice Gold. Let's see what the package will contain!

The original mix describes the Sub Focus perfectly. Drum & bass beats with monstrous basslines, dreamy melodies - exactly what you expect from him.
Sub Focus - 'Out The Blue' by Sub Focus

For me, the most interesting piece among the remixes comes from Laidback Luke, with his perfect blend of dutch house and electro. I always love remixing crossovers between genres, and I think Mercury Records hit the jackpot with this one. Already supported by Pete Tong, and of course played by Luke everywhere.
'Out The Blue' Feat. Alice Gold (Laidback Luke Remix) by Sub Focus

A release like this cannot miss a huge bassline-driven dubstep remix, with some beautiful breakdowns. This time, it is delivered by Xilent.
Sub Focus - 'Out The Blue' (Xilent Remix) by Sub Focus

The remix of xxxy completes the package. I don't want to blabber about genres, it's really hard to categorize it, but it's great. 4/4 beats, chilling atmosphere, great compliment to the harder sounds of the other two remixes.
'Out The Blue' Feat. Alice Gold (xxxy Remix) by Sub Focus

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