Gemini - Fire Inside EP

Leicester-based Thomas Slinger, or better known as Gemini got a new EP released today on Inspected. His latest big hit was a collab with Feed Me, called "Whiskers" which tore up dancefloors all around the floor. Now let's see what we've got here!

The EP kicks off with the title track "Fire Inside": a monstrous electro house piece, including the vocals of the beautiful Greta Svabo Bech. Powerful basslines and a really hard beat lead the track's way to a gorgeous piano lead that ends it up (no wonder it's been supported on BBC Radio 1 a lot...). "No Way Out" is a perfect listening pleasure with all the pianos and dreamy melodies as we get to the EP's 3rd track "To The World", which is a destroying dubstep track. Gemini got a breakdown here with some nice vocals, however the bassline is pure evil. "Nothingness" completes the EP, with its laidback melancholic atmosphere. Check out the full-length previews!

INSP006 - Fire Inside EP by Gemini


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