BPB Party Planner: StayFly /w Danny Daze & Miguel Campbell (04-08, Sunday)

Easter Sunday will be really unique for Hungarian partygoers this year, since the StayFly crew brings in 2 DJs, who never been to Budapest before. The massive Sunday night lineup includes Miami-based,  Danny Daze, and Miguel Campbell - and the first ever Hot Creations label night in BP!

Talking about the relations between the duo and the Hot Creations imprint, both guys pumping out massive releases on one of the most charted labels last year (Danny's "Your Everything" was one of my tune of the year candidates for 2011 btw), bringing back the funky and sexy sounds to house music.

Miguel Campbell's own solo project and his side-project with Matt Hughes called MAM also created a massive stir, culminating in the fantastic release of "Crushed Ice". I think before you take a visit to one of the most elegant clubs in Buda, you should check out some warmup material! As usual, here are some warmup treatments, fairly new sets from Danny & Miguel! Check it out!
Miguel Campbell Ibiza Voice Podcast (October 2011) by Gouranga

Danny Daze - KISS FM Mix (Live @ Bristol In:Motion) by Danny Daze


Venue: Club Prestige (1027 Budapest, Tölgyfa str. 1-3.)

Jumpski & Detective Kelly
Blatti & Stereostrip
Paul Mad

until 23:30 CET:   2500 HUF
after 23:30 CET:  3000 HUF
(only +18)

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