Polymath - Saw Pump EP

After big remixes for Mason & Tommie Sunshine, Scottish electro-techno artist Polymath is releasing his new EP on Australia's Vamp Music on April 24th.

The EP features 3 originals of fist-pumping jump-up Highland rave bombs with 2 mixes of the title track "Saw Pump", plus the original mix of "Orangeade". Remixes coming from future techno giants Botnek, I Need? and Vengeance. Check out the previews, then scroll down, since I've got a surprise for you aswell!
Saw Pump (Original mix) by VAMP Music
Orangeade (Original mix) by VAMP Music
Saw Pump (Extra Pump version) by VAMP Music
Saw Pump (Botnek remix) by VAMP Music
Saw Pump (I Need? Remix) by VAMP Music
Saw Pump (Vengeance remix) by VAMP Music

BONUS: So you've made it to the end of the post, here's a little free treat for you. A FREE remix of Polymath's "Saw Pump" from Clash The Disko Kids! Massive!
Saw Pump (Clash The Disko Kids Remix) - FREE DOWNLOAD by VAMP Music

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