Mustard Pimp feat. ZE! - The Amazons remixes

We didn't wait too long for the first single off Mustard Pimp's freebie album "No Title or Purpose". "The Amazons" featuring ZE! is a devilish piece of music, great crossover of many styles so it's really hard to put a genre tag on it, but it will definately make everyone dance in a club.

Dim Mak Records put together a huge remix pack, releasing not less than 7 remixes - though I have to admit the original is a quite fun track to remix. Big names, such as Clockwork and Reset! never disappointed me, they brought their trademark sound creating nice electro and turbofunk remixes. Up and coming Casino Gold gives a torching new techno treatment, aswell as Jägerverb whose remix is a bit more laid back, perfect for warmups. NYC-based Black Matter's remix fits the label catalogue best in my opinion with its fierce electro basslines, while we also got a nice eclectic remix from Korea, produced by Risque Rhythm Machine. 

I saved my favorite remix for last, coming from Nom de Strip. Not the usual stuff that you would expect him, but superb party track, excellent work! Check all the remixes, and pick a favorite - and don't be shy to tell which one you've selected!

Mustard Pimp feat. ZE! - The Amazons by mustard pimp

You can buy them on Beatport here: http://www.beatport.com/release/the-amazons-feat-ze/892056
or at iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-amazons-remixes-feat.-ze/id515816214

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