Mord Fustang - Welcome to the Future EP

19th March marks the release of the newest EP of Estonian wonderkid Mord Fustang! Responsible for some of the most-well known electro tracks over the past year, including his much talked about break-through single "Lick The Rainbow" and the Deadmau5-influenced "We Are Now Connected", Mord is ready to make his first impact in 2012.

After a fantastic series of singles, this EP is a true heavyweight with 4 tracks! Running with a structure similar to those that have carried himself as a DJ and producer from the outset, the EP’s headliner "Windwaker" draws on playfully distorted leads and robust beats to form something of a captivating contender for this year's WMC. Though the remaining three may not hold the same catchy elements as the aforementioned headliner, "Super Fever", "Welcome To The Future" and "The Majestic" sure do play their roles as essential pieces, contributing well to a great set of tracks. Here you can enjoy the samples, and you can buy your copy starting today on Beatport!
Mord Fustang - Windwaker by Plasmapool Media Ent.
Mord Fustang - Super Fever by Plasmapool Media Ent.
Mord Fustang - Welcome To The Future by Plasmapool Media Ent.
Mord Fustang - The Majestic by Plasmapool Media Ent.

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