Monday update: Mumbai Science, Erol Alkan & Boys Noize, Beataucue

Happy new week everyone, I think we all agree that the best thing in Mondays are the new tunes, so let's take a stroll in the new techno world to see what is really hot right now.

It's not a secret (and it never was) that Lektroluv Records is one of my favorite labels, so every Lektroluv release gets a special treatment on BPB. However, if you listen to Mumbai Science's brand new EP, actually the 3rd installment of Unified Theory, you don't need to be biased to be an instant fan of the label. Both "Alchemy" and "Chemistry" are massive techno monsters, already played out heavily by every top notch DJ. Lucky for us, we only need to wait 1 more week for the release. Until then, here are the full-length previews!
Mumbai Science - Unified Theory Part 3 by lektroluvrecords

After their global impact releases Waves/Death Suite (Boysnoize Records 2009) and Avalanche/Lemonade (Phantasy Sound 2010) Erol Alkan & Boys Noize teaming up again, using their sound forces to produce two new tracks ‘Roland Rat’ and ‘Brain Storm’. Here's a sneak peek of the tracks in 2 minutes, that I assume will rule the techno dancefloors this summer! Release date is set for 2nd April!
Roland Rat & Brain Storm (PREVIEW) by Boysnoize Records

Just a few weeks later after they released "Kiho", Beataucue is already back in business with a huge USA-Australia-Japan tour. To underline their commitment, they released a gorgeous 1-hour promo mix, which I bet, contain they newest track (also coming up on Kitsuné) "Slow Down", which will include remixes by Yelle DJs, The Japanese Popstars, Adrian Lux and Dwntwn.
BeatauCue - Winter / Spring Tour 2012 Mix by BeatauCue

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