BPB Party Planner: Be Massive & Ninjabreakz /w ACCESS DENIED @ Corvintető (03-23, Friday)

Even the memories of the last Be Massive party with The Loops of Fury, plus the Ninjabreakz's 5th Birthday with Stanton Warriors are still relatively new, the two gangs joined forces to bring one of the hottest names in breakbeat to Budapest for a big & dirty Friday night!

ACCESS DENIED  is probably the most unique project in the ex-USSR, which successfully makes releases of Breaks / Electro and Techno! His sound evolved a lot during the last years, and now after releases on top labels like Beatman & Ludmilla's Ayra Recordings, or U&A Recordings, Lot49 and many more - he's clearly acknowledged as a superstar, no matter if we're talking about breakbeat or electro.

So, just to take a warmup for tomorrow night, and also as a little treat, I'm gonna post a preview of his newest track, called "Circus", plus 3 older ones, which are gifts from Access Denied himself! Check these out!
Access Denied - Сircus_Soon new track by AccessDenied
Access Denied-Trust Me_FREE DOWNLOAD! by AccessDenied
Access Denied - Egoist(2009)_FREE DOWNLOAD!!! by AccessDenied
Access Denied - Milk and Blood(2009)_FREE DOWNLOAD! by AccessDenied

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Venue: Corvintető (Budapest VIII., Blaha Lujza Square 1-2.)

22:00 Lucky 23
00:00 Metha (Be Massive)

02:30 Ludmilla
03:30 Pryus vs. Krueger (Ninjabreakz)

Entry: 900 HUF (only +18)

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