BPB Party Planner: Kollektiva 5th Birthday /w Little Boots @ Merlin (03-10, Saturday)

It's going to be a really busy weekend in Budapest, when it comes to parties, but I think one of the biggest one will be the 5th Birthday of the Kollektiva crew. Kollektiva has been a quite influential and progressive crew throughtout the last years, and they not only changed the nightlife in Budapest, but also gained huge support and audience in other Hungarian cities aswell. They brought a new musical taste, which depended mostly on the blogosphere, creating the first stir in Hungary of french electro, fidget, tropical and global bass among many others.
The 3 guys, TMX, Fullstereo and Popbitch played along acts and DJs such as 2many DJs, Busy P, Fake Blood, Style of Eye, Yuksek, Kissy Sell Out, Foamo, Calvertron, Jaymo & Andy George, Mightyfools, Blatta & Inesha, Don Rimini, His Majesty Andre and many more. So, let's talk about the 5th anniversary party, since the crew got a very special guest for tomorrow night, none else than Little Boots! I think we all remember her biggest hits like "New in Town", "Remedy" or "Stuck on Repeat", but this time she's gonna perform a DJ set! You might wonder about what the beautiful blondie plays, when it comes to DJing, so I'm just giving you a hint, by posting a few months old mix by her - let's treat it as a warmup!
INTO THE FUTURE mixtape by LittleBoots

Talking about the event, (which you can check out on Facebook aswell)  it's not just a simple party, but also a photo exhibition of the best and most exclusive photos taken on Kollektiva parties throughout the last 5 years!

Venue: Merlin Theatre (1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy street 4.)

Little Boots (UK)
Kollektiva (TMX, Fullstereo, Popbitch)

Dictator + Hussar (Death Disco)
Brandon (Kunk / Sticky Beats)

2000 HUF in advance

you can still buy tickets tomorrow @
Akt Records (Budapest VI., Lovag u. 17.)
Retrock (Budapest V., Ferenczy István u. 28)
Rododendron (1052 Budapest, Semmelweis u. 19.)

2500 HUF on Saturday night

And still more warmup treat, I'm gonna post the 2 latest sets by Kollektiva resident TMX, his winter selection, one hour of tech sounds, while the other hour containts the sexiest nu-disco beats. Check 'em out!

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