The BPB Selection #9

It's Monday again...no, not exactly, I was a bit lazy yesterday, but it's time for the weekly BPB Selection! I'll try to choose 5 tracks each week which - in my opinion - absolutely can't miss ones. There are no rules for genre, either it's a party banger or a listening pleasure, either it's brand new or a bit older (though I'll try to focus mainly on the newbies). Let's see what I've got for this week.

#5 Mightyfools - I Think About You
The Dutch duo is really on fire in 2012 so far. They released a new track on Lektroluv (also licensed it for Dr. Lektroluv's Live in Brazil compilation), made a huge remix for Benny Benassi, and now - they've reached 5000 followers on Twitter. Why is that so good for us? Cause they were so kind to share a free track with everyone, a massive disco tune (also featured on my March promo mixtape fyi) called "I Think About You". Free download, so what you're waiting for?
Mightyfools - I Think About You [free download] by Mightyfools

#4 Andro - Le Jaguar (Bastardfool remake)
Bastardfool is slowly becoming a resident on BPB with his monster productions. This time he selected one of the biggest classics of all-time, when it comes to Hungarian electro, and complimented it with a new 110 BPM background. What's the result? A huge classics revamped with 2012 sound...you must check this out, since it's free!

Andro - Le Jaguar (Bastardfool Remake) by Bastardfool

#3 ValyMo - Bogota Dogs
The #3 selection this week come from Frenchman Valentin Morelle aka ValyMo. Actually it is a 6-month old track, released back on 1st September 2011 on Black Leather Records, however it really got its hype a few weeks ago, when Kissy Sell Out played it on Kissy Klub. Well, I'm jumping on the bandwagon aswell, since I think ValyMo is going to be a name to watch out for in 2012!

ValyMo - Bogotà Dogs (original) by ValyMo

#2 Treasure Fingers - Rooftop Revival
Let Treasure Fingers' latest phased disco delight make your night. Sunglasses highly recommended. Also the whole EP is a free download from Scion/AV.

Rooftop Revival (Teaser) by treasurefingers

#1 Night Symmetry - Turn Off The Lights (Beens remix)
With this week's #1, I have to go back again to my latest mix. This remix from Cologne-based Beens is such a wonderful haunting-yet-still-really-banging track that works well in almost every set. Released on Gash Digital on 23th February.
Night Symmetry - Turn Off The Lights (BEENS Remix) by BEENS

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