Congorock - Monolith / Agartha

After the huge success of "Babylon", the legendary Italian producer Congorock seems to be a lock on Ultra Records. With last year's follow-ups "Ivory" and "Sirius" he set the standards really high. Today we saw the release of his latest EP, 2 tracks this time, so let's see what we've got here!

"Monolith" rings true to his style of using inventive samples to create a truly unique sound with it's Eastern influences - almost haunting, but still really catchy!
Monolith by Congorock

"Agarta" dominates with Congorock's trademark skull crushing bassline and a driving big room melody, this one's going to land in many top jocks' bags, I'm pretty sure about that!
Agarta by Congorock

You can buy the release HERE

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