Dante GBRL - March 2012 Promo Mixtape

I hope you had a nice weekend, and you're already pumped up for next week. Since it's Sunday evening, and everyone is a bit lazy, it's time for a bit of shameless self-promotion! I would like to share my March 2012 Promo Mixtape with you - actually it was also this week's BPB Radio Show aswell.

The 1-hour mixtape contains 16 tracks, some of my favorite disco and new techno sounds, which seems a bit odd, but I think the two styles compliment each other really well. The mix includes a brand new Timo Juuti & Hector 87 track from the La Valigetta label, a freebie from the Mightyfools guys, also a new remix of Das Glow's "Concrete" and Scuba's magical bomb "The Hope" as a closer. Hope you'll enjoy it, if you've got any question regarding the mix, or booking enquiry (why not), feel free to e-mail me at bpbonkers@gmail.com or dante.gbrl@gmail.com

Dante GBRL - March 2012 Promo Mixtape by BudapestBonkers

01. the loose cannons - charlie bit me (birdee remix) [CHAMPION]
02. oliver - dirty talk (wax motif remix) [CDR]
03. mad villains & kroyclub - i got you [CDR]
04. mightyfools - i think about you [CDR]
05. timo juuti & hector 87 - cheap bad moves [LA VALIGETTA]
06. urchins - catch 22 (beni remix) [SWEAT IT OUT]
07. night symmetry - turn off the lights (beens remix) [GASH DIGITAL]
08. foamo & racknruin present gorgon city - odyssey [BLACK BUTTER]
09. keith & supabeatz vs. slap in the bass - smoka [NO BRAINER]
10. nom de strip & bones - shake & bake [NITRUS]
11. felix cartal - domo (etienne de crecy remix) [DIM MAK]
12. das glow - concrete (needs remix) [CDR]
13. mason - superimposer (harvard bass remix) [ANIMAL LANGUAGE]
14. clouds - optic [TURBO]
15. frederic de carvalho - caracol (zombies for money remix) [DUSTED DECKS]
16. scuba - the hope [hotflush]


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