Venice Valley - Stay

This spring, Andor Sugár and Peter Hencz have decided to start a new musical project, that also heavily focuses on the visualization of their sounds. Thus, Venice Valley was born and right now, I'm proud to present their first single "Stay".

The main idea behind the project is quite simple to understand: Venice Valley equals summer. It will pop up in your mind when you will watch the sunrise at the seaside, lie on the beach in the heat while sipping a cocktail or just simply when you're recalling those joyful dawns back in this July.

The Budapest-based duo is concentrating on producing cutting edge pop music, however I feel that not only their music, but their brand new - and also inaugural - video will fit the scheme of Budapest Bonkers quite well. Each sound in "Stay" was designed to picture the most memorable moments of the summer.

I'm really looking forward to their forthcoming works and to some intriguing remixes of "Stay" as well.



Venice Valley - Stay from Venice Valley on Vimeo.

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