PREVIEW: Mendoza - Phantasy EP

One of the best previews, I’ve ever received, big ups to No Brainer Records – according to the samples, this EP is at least as good as it is previewed.

„Since Mendoza moved from Hamburg to Berlin he's much cooler. His music got heeps better just because. 'Phantasy' pays tribute to the mind's unpredictable roads and alleys which come up with info texts like this. Indienudancehousedeepbass if you wish.

Well I wish an irresistible love song like 'Can't Get Over You' would top the charts 24/7. I hear Kraftwerk, I hear Soul, I hear clearly now the rain has gone. More of You in 'UUU' which gets to me and is being released so it gets to you. Let's all hope this gets to you.

In a world where remixes rule the world what would this EP be without the best remixes of the world? Not sure, but with these remixes from Justin Jay (Dirtybird) who goes deep and Vanilla Ace (Off Recordings) who doesn't considering this is Deep House, it's an outstanding EP. You can add a + to the outstanding, cause to finish things off Arcade (No Brainer Records) splits 'Phantasy' into it's atoms.”

Release date is set for 27 September 2013.


01. Mendoza - Phantasy
02. Mendoza - Can't Get Over You
03. Mendoza - UUU
04. Mendoza - Phantasy (Justin Jay remix)
05. Mendoza - Phantasy (Vanilla Ace remix)
06. Mendoza - Phantasy (Arcade remix)

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