RELEASE: Kruse & Nuernberg - Off Course EP

Hamburg based star duo Kruse & Nuernberg, already key players in the deep house scene with star appearances on labels like Lazy Days, Noir or Moodmusic and having worked with the likes of Groove Armada or Wolf + Lamb, come forward to provide an exquisite EP for OFF Recordings.

"Off Course" takes us back to the roots of US house, with a string filtered disco sample full of magic and a pulsating bass groove that will not allow anybody to stay put on the dancefloor.

Stefano Ritteri, from Defected fame, brings his own talent on remix duties turning this track into a bass house monster. While keeping the string vibe alive he adds his trickery and a killer bassline that grooves the whole way through.

Last comes "Since You Came" with K&N's signature sound, lovely rhodes and perfect vocal flow constructed over a rolling bass and classic house beats.


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