PARTY: Ioakim Sayz, Monkeyneck, Rapsaam @ Kolor (09-27, Friday)

It's Thursday already and I had an extremely busy week but it is time to think about the weekend so let's kick off with this preview of a nice party coming around tomorrow in Kolor.

The main attraction for this house-driven Friday night will be none else that BPB favorite Ioakim Sayz directly from Berlin! Ioakim had a huge year so far with releases on Get Physical Music, also delivering a superb set on Get Physical Radio and having gigs in Miami, Berlin and Budapest of course - which he claims as one of his favorite cities!

Here's a nice warmup treatment from him:


Hungarian house warriors, Monkeyneck and Rapsaam will complete the lineup. Monkeyneck is causing quite a stir when it comes to fresh electronic music talents in Hungary, his brand new track "Hey Boy" gathered some massive numbers on Youtube (it's an awesome video by the way, I urge you to check it out), while Rapsaam will have the duty to finish out the party in a memorable way.

Check them out and be there!


Venue: Kolor (1075 Budapest, Király u. 13.)

22:00-00:00 Monkeyneck
00:00-02:00 Ioakim Sayz
02:00-04:30 Rapsaam

Entry: totally free!

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