PARTY: Rayko @ Urimuri (09-21, Saturday)

In case you're in Budapest and haven't decided so far on the upcoming Saturday night, here's the perfect solution for you: Galactic Boogie & Urimuri presents Spanish re-edit master Rayko behind the decks in the next edition of the Úri Boogie series.

Producing and re-edit tracks since 2006, Rayko is an established name in the nudisco business right now with numerous releases on labels like Nang, Chopshop, Emerald & Doreen or his very own Rare Wiri. Having gigs all around the world during the past 12 months, he will finally arrive in Budapest to make his debut here and to show some of his magic to the dancefloor of Urimuri so I bet this one will be a memorable night, don't miss out!

Luckily, he posted a brand new DJ mix on his Soundcloud page this morning (what a coincidence) so this one will provide some proper warmup material before you head out to the party. Enjoy!



Venue: Urimuri (1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 8.)

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