PARTY: Tribute to DJ Mehdi @ Kolor (09-13, Friday)

In 2013, the 13th of September is not only a simple Friday to lash out some jokes but also the 2-year anniversary of DJ Mehdi passing away. Rather than having a sad happening, the Sticky Beats crew thought why shouldn't we summon the spirit of Mehdi with a huge party in the heart of Budapest - at Kolor.

Here's what the organisers say about the event:

He had made the transition from French underground hip-hop producer to a key collaborator with Busy P on a definitive electronic/funk/hip-hop sound, along the way working with artists such as: Daft Punk, Cassius, Futura 2000, and Chromeo.

The Sticky Beats guys now celebrate him with a night featuring hip-hop, funk, house, and of course French touch electro, in yet another of our memorable series at Kolor.

The weather outside may be cooling down, but we're just heating up. ;) Vive le Mehdi!

Of course it wouldn't be BPB if I let you head out to this party without some proper warmup stuff. Last year, a good friend of Mehdi, Feadz prepared a superb tribute mix, check it out!



Venue: Kolor (1075 Budapest, Király utca 13.)

TMX & Brandon (Sticky Beats)
NakedKool (Nightdrive)

Entry: FREE

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