FREE: Off Recordings - 22.222 FB Follower EP

One of BPB's favorite labels, Off Recordings has recently reached 22.222 fans on Facebook. And what did they do? Release an awesome free EP! Congratulations!

These are fantastic times for us at OFF, and we want to thank everyone's support with a little generosity of our own. Some of our core acts and some other new members of the family provided us with a set of magnificent dancefloor weapons and since we have lots of reasons to celebrate, we are offering these for free to all our loyal followers!

We recently reached the magic number of 22.222 fans in our Facebook page, so our fellas Mat.Joe, Vanilla Ace, Gabe, Purple Disco Machine, Moonwalk and Junior Pappa crafted this magnificent songs of the past into killer new house groovers.

Grab them and play them loud! And of course, thank you for the continuous love!


 1. Shakedown - At Night (Mat.Joe's Shake It Down Again Edit)
2. Vanilla Ace - That Girl
3. Moonwalk - Everywhere
4. Daft Punk - Face to Face (Gabe Bootleg)
5. Marvin Gaye - Whats Going On (Purple Disco Machine Re-work)
6. Junior Pappa – Give Me Some Loving

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