Revue feat. Polar Dear - You Can Handle It

Daniel Sivo aka Revue might be familiar for you from  indie rock band Panic Radio, but for now he has turned into an electronic musician who is experimenting with various genres such as trap, moombahton or house. He already had a track released on A-Trak's Fool's Gold Records but now it's time for an even bigger shot: "You Can Handle It" is a brand new summerish house track featuring the vocals of Oleg Borsos from Polar Dear.

"You Can Handle It" was destined to be the first track of the new Revue EP which was about to be released by the end of the summer. However, things have luckily changed and Gooseneck Records snatched the track for a release with 5 remixes so the EP is due in mid-October (with remixers such as Clouded Judgement and Troncoso) so it's about a month away to get our dirty little hands on the full versions.

Until then, please enjoy the great work of Örs Koblicska who was the director of this insanely cool video. Further to that, please throw some likes to Revue on Facebook as well!


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