RELEASE: Hataah - No Shoes EP

In the early days of Budapest Bonkers I received tons of demos from a young Hungarian producer called Hataah. I really liked his approach to the genres of moombahton and bass music, as he had quite a potential to lash out some quality tracks if his production skills are maturing. Well, the time has come and here's Hataah again with the inaugural release of Babylon Records - the label of Pécs-based global bass producer Stas.

I'm totally a fan of the original which has a great atmosphere and also the most powerful track out of the EP's three tracks. Two remixes compliment the package with one coming from the label head honcho Stas and another one from - so far - relatively unknown producer, Temir Bulut.

Hataah himself also has a few words on the track:
"Those who heard me playing may have noticed that my sets almost always end with an unknown track. It's a bit different from the others but still you can hear it's mine. Thats why I love it. I wasn't living my best moments when i wrote it, somehow it's still really important to me."

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