Your Guide to the Weekend Episode 030 - mixed by Dante GBRL

And we are only 20 weeks away from the 50th episode! But first, let's concentrate on this one and the fact that the weekend is approaching us really fast.

The 30th episode contains some quite serious stuff, lots of superb, free unreleased material from aspiring producers. First up, here's this mysterious bootleg "Move Like Ms. Jackson" that caused a huge stir in the blogosphere since Monday, here are Klaue & Tatze from Vienna, Tinush from Berlin and Davidian from Nottingham - all of them delivering proper top notch indie dance and nudisco stuff. And I'm not afraid to play it! Also you shouldn't be afraid to listen, download and share it! Have a nice, eventful weekend!


01. disclosure x outkast - move like ms. jackson (bootleg) [free]
02. klaue & tatze - finally [free]
03. tcts - these heights (kry wolf remix) [greco roman]
04. sam divine feat. amy lyon - kill my love (hannah wants & chris lorenzo remix) [free]
05. thomas schumacher - i'll do you (mineo remix) [electric ballroom]
06. tinie tempah feat. labrinth - lover not a fighter (paul woolford remix) [parlophone]
07. tinush - dirty mac [free]
08. le youth feat. dominique young unique - dance with me (mk remix) [sign of the times]
09. eddie amador - house music (low steppa remix) [free]
10. mercer - turn it up (tchami remix) [sprs]
11. the wombats  - your body is a weapon (davidian remix) [free]

12. dirty vegas - let the night (sharam jey remix) [d:vision]

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