Tom Flynn - Hoochie EP

Tom Flynn makes his debut appearance on the ever-impressive Hot Creations imprint with his sensational Hoochie EP, a three track hitter destined to cause complete destruction on dancefloors worldwide. 

Title track "Hoochie" is a straight up bonafide bomb guaranteed to go off at peak time with is gritty bassline, vocal stabs, epic build up and ghetto booty style vocal adding that perfect standout element. 

Over on the B side "The Glove" hits with a sharp kick and infectious groove with rolling and building percussions that drop back into the flow. 

Last up "Mistress Chantelle" gets straight to the point with electronic stabs soon followed by intricate and on point drum patterns that come to life with sultry and captivating vocals and a whomping distorted b-line.

Since 2010 he has released on highly regarded labels such as Dirtybird, 8bit, Hypercolour, Circus Recordings and Mobilee. 2013 has seen regular support for Tom from the likes of Guy Gerber, Jamie Jones, Cassy, Richie Hawtin & Loco Dice to name a few. 

Hoochie has been turning head since last autumn. Championed by Jamie, Lee, Russ and Richy this EP has been causing all sort of dance-floor pandemonium.

Release date is set for 17 February 2014

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