Tough Love presents Bring The Heat volume 1

Get Twisted Records head honchos Tough Love are back in the driving seat with their brand new “Bring The Heat” series. Following on from the success of recent remixes for Le Youth, Donae’o & Jaguar Skills the boys return with fresh artillery, heavily influenced by there love for hip hop, garage, soul & of course house.

Opening track "Lonely Highway" shows off Tough Love’s big bumpy bass lines that they're fast becoming known for. Its powerful 4x4 kick is backed up perfectly with skipping percussion guaranteed to keep the dance floor moving, while the classic throwback vocal provides nostalgic millennium memories, enticing the listener to sing along. A certified club banger!

"Sweet Memories" is just that, a track for yesteryear. Tough Loves signature big bumping bass is perfectly balanced with soulful classic vocals. The track playfully teases from the very start, warm soulful pads, strings & keys eventually bring the track to its climax through the introduction of uplifting melodic chord stabs & cleverly arranged percussion. A sure favorite for nu disco & house lovers.

"Love & Happiness" provides a much deeper insight into Tough Love's musical production style. Its beautiful signature vocal is met with a rip roaring bass typified by their grand garage-esque drums. A cheeky occasional bass line wobble & break section exhibits their musical journey, as the fast rising duo tilt there hat to the UK Garage movement.

"Are You Blind" completes this quartet of musical mayhem. Big & bold just like what we expect from the Tough Love duo. This track offers a deeper twist than previous tracks on the album, with its reminiscent verses, chopped vocal and cleverly amended hook line. Constant moving percussion & powerful organ leads prepares “Are You Blind” for any battle on the dance floor.

The release date is set for 10 March 2014.

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