Jordan Suckley - Essential Mix (2014-02-22)

There's so little love shown to the trance community on Budapest Bonkers so I think the latest BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix is a great opportunity to praise one of the true trance DJs out there, Liverpool-based Jordan Suckley.

The Englishman is constantly releasing trance and tech-trance bombs since 2007, having appeared on labels like Reset Records, Subculture, Liquid Recordings and of course, the Armada labels. Being of the residents last year on BBC Radio 1's "In New DJs We Trust", he's not a stranger to the listeners and finally he got his chance to show what he's up to these days.



01. Liquid Soul - Nirvana (Activa Synthetic Elements Mix) [PERFECTO FLUORO]
02. Will Atkinson pres. Darkboy - Atkinsane [DAMAGED (BLACK HOLE)]
03. Weekend Heroes - Killer, DJ, Bitch, Dealer (Timelock Remix) [IBOGA] w/ Cirez D - On Off [MOUSEVILLE]
04. Phunk Investigation - Altered State (Adrian Hour Remix) [DEFINITION]
05. Eminem - Lose Yourself (Eddie Bitar Psy Rework) 
06. Bissen - Quantum (Future Disciple Remix) 
07. Solis & Sean Truby - Sectioned [Jordan Suckley Edit] [INFRASONIC]
08. Max Graham - The Evil ID (Mark Sherry Remix) [RE*BRAND (ARMADA)]
09. Paul Webster & Jordan Suckley - Help! [DAMAGED (BLACK HOLE)]
10. Jordan Suckley - Access [VANDIT]
11. Jordan Suckley - Do Or Die [PERFECTO FLUORO]
12. Alexander Popov - Solar Wind [ARMADA]
13. The Thrillseekers & York feat. Asheni - Daydream (Will Atkinson Dreamy Mix) [ADJUSTED]
14. Daniel Skyver feat. Crystal Blakk - Touching The Sky [DAMAGED (BLACK HOLE)]
15. Jordan Suckley - It's Never Enough 
16. Thomas Bronzwaer - Sundown (Sneijder Remix) [ASOT (ARMADA)]
17. Riva Starr & Fatboy Slim - Eat Sleep Rave Repeat [SKINT]
18. Angry Man - Lunatic (After Dawn Mix) [PERFECTO FLUORO]
19. Simon Patterson & Jordan Suckley - Vanilla [RESET (SPINNIN')]
20. Second Life vs. Royal Flush - Ninja Killer vs. Definition Of Insanity (Jordan Suckley Mashup) 
21. Jordan Suckley & Eddie Bitar - Centipede [DAMAGED (BLACK HOLE)]
22. Sam Jones & Will Rees - Fire Drill [DAMAGED (BLACK HOLE)]
23. Armin van Buuren - Who's Afraid Of 138?! (Jordan Suckley Remix) [WHO'S AFRAID OF 138 (ARMADA)]
24. Splattered Implant - Twisted [PHARMACY]
25. Astrix & Simon Patterson - Shadows [HOMMEGA]
26. MilamDo Pres. Harmonic Rush - Salvia [MONSTER DIGITAL]
27. Acid Test - The Laboratory [MONSTER DIGITAL]
28. John Askew - Mechanism [MENTAL ASYLUM (FRACTION)]
29. Daniel Skyver - Tantrum [MONSTER DIGITAL]
30. Bryan Kearney - Mexican Rave (Jordan Suckley Remix) [KEARNAGE]
31. Chris Cockerill feat. Karen - Chasing Stars (Photographer Remix) [EDGE EDM (ABORA)]
32. Federation - New Religion (Indecent Noise Remix) [FEED THE MOTH]
33. XGenic - Ignition (Dark Mix) [DAMAGED (BLACK HOLE)]
34. Indecent Noise - Razor (James Dymond Remix) [FRACTION]
35. Binary Finary - 1998 (Jordan Suckley Remix) [ARMADA]

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