The Magician - Magic Tape 40

Just a few days following the announcement that The Magician will visit Hungary this year as well, and will perform at B My Lake Festival, here's the newest episode of his well renowned Magic Tape series.

Stephen has been quite busy this year, already remixing the likes of Chromeo, Clean Bandit and Chris Malinchak, seeing the release of the monstrous Grades remix of his latest single "When The Night is Over" - which is a huge BPB favorite too - and having gigs all around the world.

As usual, the newest Magic Tape is filled with unreleased material - though it is promised that the new Chromeo remix is inside - along with the Blonde remix of Marlon Hoffstadt and Dansson's "Shake That" and a new Honest remix of Ellie Goulding's "Goodness Gracious". 


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