Manuel Sahagun - Right There EP

In 2014 Mother Recordings kicking it off with a new release from Argentinean Manuel Sahagun who surprised us already last year with some solid tracks in collaboration with Jay West. His second EP “Right There” contains two original tracks and remixes from Berlin's Daniel Solar (label head of Dikso Records) and Fat Sushi from Zürich (OFF Recordings).

01 - Right There (Original Mix)
The track is based on a solid disco groove with a slow build up and a beautiful hookline (“I’m gonna be right - there for loving”). Deep synth chords, a rolling bassline and lovely percussion work creates a warm, embracing feeling aiming right for the hips. This one’s for the girls!

02 – False Alarm (Original Mix)
A smooth, rolling track with a satin black spoken voice reminding us to stay cool (False Alarm). Easier said then done because the catchy vibe, working it up to a great piano break is pure funkiness. It’s hard to squeeze more sex and attitude into one track.

03 - False Alarm (Fat Sushi Remix)
Attention every one: this one’s not straight from London’s Southside – this is how they spice it up in Zürich/ Switzerland! Fat Sushi’s remix is a peak time monster with all hands in the air during the break, thanks to those amazingly fat synth chords.

04 - Right There (Daniel Solar Remix)
Berlin based Daniel Solar delivers a very convincing interpretation of the original. It’s bass, bass and more rolling bass. The buildup is tight and super effective. A great DJ tool with reduced vocals and all the other elements in the right place.

Here's your previews, the EP is set for release 18 February 2014!

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