Kill Frenzy - Big Breasted Beauty EP

The next material of the really trendy Hypercolour imprint will be provided by Belgian Kill Frenzy who already showed his skills on Claude Vonstroke's Dirtybird label as well. Let's take a look at this well-titled EP (coming out next Monday!):

''We'd like to think that Sébastien AKA Kill Frenzy is an avid bird watcher, all this talk of tits and big breasted beauty's, certainly his previous releases on Dirtybird and Twin Turbo warmed our breasts enough to welcome him into the Hypercolour fam with this new 3 track EP. "Big Breasted Beauty" is a rock solid bass boomer, its subby riff dominating the choppy arrangement and filtering synth sweeps, a right old "call to the dancefloor" on this one from the young Belgian producer. "Tittie Compass" is a smooth chugger, the melodic string stabs and distant muted trumpets warming up proceedings whilst the vocal chant makes his way around a compass, just to get his bearings you understand. Final cut "Night Away" quite literally 'dances the night away', the infectious vocal hook is back dropped with a modern house production.''


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