Sleazy G's Bangerz volume 1

Keepin’ it real & consistent for 2014 Sleazy G continues to smash the scene with more G’s pushing the bass heavy bangerz smashing the floors Worldwide! 

Whether G’s for Gangsta or G’s for Ghetto we feel the energy and power within this music really speaks for itself and will always bring the party alive! This time around a various artists selection aptly called Sleazy G’s Bangerz Vol. 1 bringing some future G’s to the label and giving your box some serious weaponry to kill the dancefloor with. 

First up we have label boss man Rob Made with his Tha Hood! A serious hands up anthem ready to take the floor to pieces. Arabian sampled Hip Hop Pop banger with the Big Dogg himself and some tasty pussy is all you need to know, this is BIG & Loud bitch. WOOF! 

Next up Sleazy Deep artist DISTRKT takes a nasty G-House turn with My Own Bass, lip smackin’ beats and vocals tear this club banger along with its ridin’ percs & killin’ it bass setting this bomb right off. 

Vijay & Sofia Zaltko’s banger Drop It Like It’s Hot is a serious peak timer ready to do the bizness & set the floor off, this has been getting serious love and we can see why!!!

Holt Blackheath and Nuthin’ But A G (House) Thang drops the pressure with it’s ridiculously phat beats and smashin’ it down well known sampled vocal hooks “yeaaaah we don’t quit” is proper hot property. 

Next it’s the amazing talents of Ania Iwinksa and Outlaw. These girls gonna feature heavy for Sleazy G and this is a kooky dirty birdesque floor filler with amazing atmosphere and sick N.E.R.D.Y sampled vocals, “ooh baby you want me?” Yeah we fuckin’ do! 

Lastly Herbie Hancock get’s a make over with Cucumbers smash "Rockit", taking the original classic and reworkin’ with phuture bass & sizzling G’ness. Has Sleazy got the bangerz? Yeaaaah, G!

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