Goldroom - Inverno Mix 2014

As the winter finally comes to an end and a new season approaches, Goldroom from Los Angeles take on the decks to deliver yet another sun-soaked 1-hour mix:

"I hope you all enjoy my latest seasonal mix, this one in the last throws of winter. I made this mix while prepping to come to Australia, which I think came across in the song selection. I can feel the warmth of the sun and the first hint of springtime on the horizon.

A huge thank you to all of the artists' music that I used. Everyone should check the tracklist below and be sure to take a minute to listen to their music.

And of course, thank you all so much for listening. I put a lot into these mixes and your support and encouragement for them keeps me excited and driven to try and make each one fresh and unique" 


Goldroom - Embrace (Backstroke remix)
All The Colours - Shame (That's Nice remix)
Pherotone - Look Into Your Eyes
EMBRZ - Make Your Way
Goldroom - Embrace
Wayward - Love Jones
Tobtok - Savannah
Lane 8 - Nothing You Can Say
Edwin Van Cleef - Two As One
Chris Malinchak - If You Got It (The Magician remix)
Miami Horror - Real Slow (Gold Fields remix)
Cassian - The Ninth
TCTS - Over
Cosmic Kids & Fingerpaint - Manteiga
Hero - Daydream

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