Your Guide to the Weekend Episode 027 - mixed by Dante GBRL

The weekend approaching again, which means a brand new "Your Guide to the Weekend" mix on Budapest Bonkers - and as usual, from me, Dante GBRL.

Let's kick off things with 3 heavily sun-soaked tunes from Chordashian, Sharam Jey and Me & My Toothbrush before getting in a more clubbier mood with some outstanding remixes by TCTS and Gamper & Dandoni. Then off to some more deeper and darker tracks, like Grades' remix of "When The Night is Over" or the stellar collab of Don Diablo and CID. At the end of the hour, let's return to the indie dance atmosphere where we started out: 2 new remixes of from Intermodal and Dalton John!

One-hour house and nudisco for pleasure to kick off your weekend and get you into the mood! Enjoy!


Dante GBRL - Your Guide to the Weekend Episode 027 by Budapest Bonkers on Mixcloud

01. dillon francis & totally enormous extinct dinosaurs - without you (chordashian remix) [free]
02. dirty vegas - let the night (sharam jey remix) [d:vision]
03. me & my toothbrush - sundown [enormous tunes]
04. ben mono - the dub feel [definition music]
05. haim - forever (tcts remix) [polydor]
06. la roux - bulletproof (gamper & dandoni remix) [free]
07. the magician feat. newtimers - when the night is over (grades remix) [parlophone]
08. freeman & farelly - klaxon (darius syrossian remix) [microzoo]
09. don diablo & cid - got me thinkin' [size x]
10. samuel dan - won't stop [witty tunes]
11. kruse & nürnberg feat. michelle owen & isis salam - we find deep [rejected]
12. the knocks & treasure fingers - my body (intermodal remix) [free]
13. disclosure - f for you (dalton john remix) [free]

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