Deaf DJs - January 2014 Mix

The BPB favorite Deaf DJs recently hosted yet another successful event and just a few days later, they are back again with a brand new January mixtape.

Usually the beginning of the year is a bit slow, everything is gray, everyone is a bit stressed since the holidays are over, but seemingly Lafinski & Zunt just simply cannot stop. The new mix clearly show their trademark sound which is somewhere between the delightful deep house vibes and the cheeky nudisco sounds - not a surprise that they are a perfect fit for the blog.

So, enjoy the new mix and show some luv to the guys on Facebook!


01. Jill Scott - Love Rain (Detroit Swindle's seasonal redux)
02. Robot Beauty & The Missile - Flutencia (Smash TV remix)
03. Ejeca - Bumbled (Alvaro Hylander remix)
04. Raffa FL - The X Track
05. Gam - White Letter 
06. Sonic Future - Waiting For 
07. Dusky - Lost Highway 
08. My Digital Enemy - Shamen 
09. Drums Of Death - This Night (Waves City dub)
10. EdOne & Bodden - Do It 
11. Deux Tigres - Butterfly (Robosonic remix)
12. Smash TV - Noise & Girls (German Brigante remix)

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