VA - 5 Years OFF Recordings

Half a decade together. OFF Recordings has proudly reached the 5 year birthday mark as they are happy to share the celebrations with the loyal fans with an extended tour and a very exciting release project:

"We tangled our core acts and asked them to work on some special collaborations to spice up our evergrowing catalogue. A perfect family picture consisting of our amazing roster of talent, the ones that will be carrying our unique party flavor all over the world on this series of parties."

First comes a 3-way collaboration with label boss André Crom teaming up with breakthrough producer Chi Thanh and vocal wizard Kevin Knapp to deliver "While You Stand" a deep house bass-driven tune with dominating rap vocals and clever synth arrangements to create a hip-house dancefloor vibe.

Next in line we got the praised duo Leftwing & Kody getting in the studio with another couple of brilliant creators, Kruse & Nurnberg, to launch "Turning", a bass-house killer packed with diva vocal snippets and all the ingredients to become a stand out track in any house mix.

Another important part of the OFF family are the guys from Robosonic and Mat.joe...who get back together after their great "Got Game" release and sent yet another fantastic bass-house inspired song, with cool vocal sampling and an infectious flow.

To close up the package, hit-maker Purple Disco Machine and Teenage Mutant pair up to produce "Little Treehouse", a more percussive number, with a great groove, hip hop stabs and string and an overall mysterious yet dancefloor friendly vibe that will sure drive everyone mad...

"We are very excited about introducing our whole family to everyone out there, we are OFF recordings and we are here to rock your party!"


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