London Grammar - Hey Now (Arty remix)

It quite seems like that I was living under a rock for the last half year. I was quite satisfied this morning when I was listening to Pete Tong's Essential Selection from last Friday, when he introduced this brand new Arty remix as a possible future essential new tune. Then I discovered that Armin van Buuren played out this track back in July 2013. Anyhow, it seems like that it finally gets a release.

The young Russian prodigy made a jaw-dropping dreamy progressive remix of London Grammar's "Hey Now". Beautiful melody, superb atmosphere and a perfect use of the vocals. Not surprising, Anjunabeats snatched up the remix and hopefully release it very soon (I couldn't find any exact release dates). Great fit for festivals, great fit for arenas and a fantastic set finishing track in my opinion.

You must check this one out!


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