TAFO - Bring Me Love EP

If you are not familiar with the name of TAFO, he is none else than Kristof from the Slap in the Bass duo. Although you should have heard about his solo project earlier as released an EP and a remix on Malente's No Brainer Records last year, and now, he's back again with the brand new Bring Me Love EP! Just check the previews and the hilarious description from the label:

All you need is love,

classic Beatles, romantic to the bone and true when you're under the spell of someone special. If you're not and who can blame you in these cold days of economic dictatorship, of supply and demand, why not just shout it out TAFO style: "Bring Me Love".

Or howl with the house wolves like Suptil (Union Jack) in their deep and funky airwolf reinterpretation. Melting hearts, a real love magnet this one. Teenage Mutants (OFF Recordings) return to No Brainer bringing us some love to via bassline. Hypnotizing the floor. I can see millions of dancers with hearts in their eyes.

But back to the star of this show: TAFO brings not only love but something to push everyone over the edge a little bit. The "Makeup" makes up for lots of meaningless music which pours down on us every day. Listen here if you wanna reclaim the power you need to love life thru bass.

"Never" say never. Especially to this one. Soulful, broken, groovy, unique. The best "Never" I ever heard in my life. Hands down. Usually I don't enjoy these so much. Don't we all.

"Love for sale"

The EP already received support from Gorgon City, Ardalan, Vanilla Ace, Monte, Mark Starr, Modek, AC Slater, Nhan Solo, Mendoza, Hostage, Claptone, Zombies for Money and many more!


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