Aeroplane - Not-So-Monthly Mix January 2014

Aeroplane has finally returned from the year-ending festivities as well, releasing a brand new DJ mix in his series titled Not-So-Monthly Mix.

If it wasn't so monthly, it is still absolutely cool and nudisco and house fans will absolutely love it. Filled with brand new material from Tensnake, Eurocrats, Lauer and Kraak & Smaak, Vito showed us once again why he is one of the biggest names in the nudisco scene.

Lay back and listen to this mix, but I cannot guarantee that you will sit still!


01. DatA - Soldier's Flag (The Reflex Revision) [EKLEROSHOCK]
02. Bondax - Giving It All [RELENTLESS]
03. Moulinex - To Be Clear (Kraak & Smaak Unreleased Edit) 
04. Situation - Stand Tough (Greg Wilson & Derek Kay Get Ruff Remix) 
05. David Shaw & The Beat - No More White Horses (Dombrance Remix) 
06. Crazy P - Clouds [FUTUREBOOGIE]
07. Lauer - Tyler [RUNNING BACK]
08. Tensnake feat. Nile Rodgers & Fiora - Love Sublime (Ewan Pearson Remix) [VIRGIN UK]
09. Ken Hayakawa - Positive Effects 
10. Allusion - Search For Ecstacy 
11. Dirtytwo - The Remedy (Caserta Knows The Cure Remix) [RAZOR-N-TAPE]
12. Bambook - Give It Up (303 Mix) [[Faceless Recordings]
13. My Favorite Robot - White Light (Jimmy Edgar Remix) [NO.19]
14. Eurocrats - Black Hole Bass (606 Version) 

15. Crowdpleaser - Nenekri (Mickey Moonlight Remix) [TURBO]

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