Kovary - Like That EP

The all-around producer and DJ (and Trafiq Budapest resident) Kovary is back again with yet another stellar EP, this time on Rob Made's Sleazy Deep! The two-track EP perfectly symbolises the trademark sound of Mr. Kovary, ass-shaking house tunes pimped with superb disco elements, no wonder that the EP is already highly recognised by the likes of Purple Disco Machine, Amine Edge, Framewerk, Marco Tegui, Mark Lower and many more! 

Here are the label's words on this masterpiece:

"Welcome to 2014 and after the amazing year we’ve had with numerous top chartings, a number 1 album and smashing the smashing it new sub label Sleazy G it’s time to get back to business, big time. Continuing the pressure for the Sleazy Deep machine we introduce a solid two tracker from newly signed Kovary. 
Kovary has released on many a big label previously but we think this sound he’s delivered to us will see him go far, pushing the genre boundaries with a hip housin’ nu disco and funk fuelled EP. 
The Like That EP kicks off with the amazing sounds of I Like It Like That and trust me, so will you too. Hot disco punching drums and some great hip house hooks leads us to the late 70’s disco licks and funkin’ diverish vocals, this is oldskool nu skool party bizness at it’s finest ready to ignite that disco inferno within. Next up are the killer keys of Tear It Down. Lush Rhodes from the outset with more funkin’ guitar licks and an amazing vocal hook singing he’d tear it all down for you… Add to this some hot nu skool bass and more disco funk and this EP shows Kovary’s true skills honed for any modern dancefloor. Again, THIS IS ESSENTIAL!!!"


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