The Knocks feat. St. Lucia - Modern Hearts (TMX remix)

The collaboration of The Knocks and St. Lucia has been one of the biggest highlights when I'm thinking about these early summer days and I'm really sure that it is still growing and will slowly become one of the anthems of 2013.

That is one reason why I am particularly happy that a remix competition has been organised around the track (and hopefully I'll be able to create my own version too). The other one is that it'll be picked up and loads of new and exciting versions will come along the way. For instance, Kollektíva head-honcho TMX decided to remix this beauty and create his own version - which is suitable to play it out in the peak hours!

I let you to do the listening but beware: the bassline is really strong in this one, so don't expect some wine-sipping sunset pleasure. Oh, and don't forget to show Tamás some love on Facebook if you enjoyed the remix!


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