Off Recordings Podcast Episode 98 - mixed by Dashdot

It's Wednesday so it was about time to get our dirty little hands on the newest episode of the Off Recordings Podcast. This time it is hosted by Sao Paulo-based duo Dashdot who are responsible for the 55th release on the label, and has been creating quite a stir in the up-and-coming Brazilian deep house scene.

Regarding the mix, the guys taken quite a unique approach as they handled the podcast as a kind of introductory mix, stuffing it with ten of their original tracks, their brand new remix for fellow countryman Saccao plus an exclusive bootleg of Shakedown's timeless classic "At Night". Enjoy!


1. Dashdot - Inside the Bubble feat. Zz ( Original Mix )
2. Dashdot - Cant Stop ( Original Mix )
3. Dashdot - Runaway (Original Mix)
4. Dashdot - Booty Clap (Original Mix)
5. Dashdot - Go kiss the Ground (Original Mix)
6. Shakedown - At Night ( Dashdot Bootleg )
7. Dashdot - Melt Down (Original Mix)
8. Dashdot - Wasting my Time (Original Mix)
9. Dashdot - Places (Nobody Knows Remix)
10. Dashdot - Take my tip ( Original Mix)
11. B2B - Saccao ( Dashdot Remix )
12. Dashdot - Another Life ( Original Mix )

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