PREVIEW: Russ Yallop - The Journey

Damian Lazarus' label already put up some high standards during the last few years or I can say even this week with the release of Jamie Jones' "Moan & Groan". However it seems like Crosstown Rebels just can't stop mashing out premium house tracks from the best producers. Just check out the newest installment with Russ Yallop featuring Aimee Sophia and Belle on the originals while Huxley takes care of the remixing duties.

A warped ride for the senses, "The Journey" is a wave of filthy house, eerie chords, heavy sub bass and those hauntingly vocals. The overall effect is darkly addictive as the B-side "How I Feel" retains the same spacious bass heavy mood with more bounce in the bass-line. Huxley's debut features two takes on "The Journey" which are both more vigorous club work-outs. The remix has added bleeps and a more pumping garage groove while the dub is the beast with the techier edge.


01. The Journey (feat. Aimee Sophia)
02. The Journey (Huxley remix)
03. The Journey (Huxley dub)
04. How I Feel (feat. Belle)

Release date: 17 June 2013

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